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Hello world... again! Am I Ugly in Grey, or what ??

Looking for the The Google Font? It is Catull, but found out more about the Google logo by reading the Google Font Page

Fancy reading my Looking for the Spam collection ? It's even getting multilingual

Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux... want to try it ??? Knoppix is really nice. And easy. Download, burn, reboot. Et voila, Linux is running...

SLORC sucks - 31/08/2001

La nuit dernière sur Arte, y'avait un reportage sur les paysans et ils soulignaient une fois de plus le triste paradoxe: "La qualité a un prix, et on peut pas avoir de la qualité instantanément" (la rêgle des 10000 heures... de Michael Shermer) People want a quick fix, the simple answer, how they can improve their love lives and their health. Health, money, love and career; that's the big four.
Tout ce qui est rare est cher,
Un cheval bon marché est rare,
donc un cheval bon marché est cher.
Y'avait aussi Dom Juan en flic fatigue sur la Une. Et Soeur Clotilde dans sa deuche sur la Trois. Ce soir c'est la dernière de Vive l'été. Et demain, y'a Max qui arrive enfin sur les écrans hertziens. Et Star Academy qui commence. Et Loana qui découvre Paris.
Via JY's Weblog, Writing for many interest Levels. The Readers'ping-pong at the end on the usage of grammar and correst spelling is quite amusing. While I'm at it, 25 Recipes for a better weblog. A shorter version is:
content matters,
correct content matters,
interesting correct content matters,
well-written interesting correct content matters.
But it takes time... OverLinking is much easier.
Quest for Japanese weblogs, the Sequel: Google points me to a dead weblog on Japan (main page is But that one, Janet's Weblog seems alive. Et Stupeur et tremblements se lit vite en plus.
Via Courrier International, Waiting To Be Wired: Aung Soe Min compares the first time he accessed the Internet to being drunk.
"We are not quite sure what the Internet is for," says Aung. "But we are convinced it is important."
More on Burma: The Burmanet News, a weblog. And remember, SLORC SUCKS. But I can't find the New Myanmar Weekly.
Support RSF.
Exercising my Fair Use, aka while making another MP3 cds (there are handy for globetrotting), I re-listened to Do You Want More ?!!!??! by the Roots. YES, I DO.
Listen to some sample (Liquid Audio only). (The reviews for The Roots Come Alive are enthusiastic...)
So many CDs, so little time.
Un autre weblog en francais: Everybody's Weird: The Weblog. Qui aime bien Chez Alvin et qui aime pas Girlfriend in a Coma. Moi si.
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31 août 2001