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Journal intime - 21/01/2003

Sometimes, Serendipity
Some things in life are serendipity. In 1973, I followed my former husband to Cambodia, where he was on assignment for CBS News. On the way, we stopped in Saigon, and at a cocktail party there, I met Stanley Cloud, the Time magazine bureau chief. Because his stringer war correspondent in Cambodia had just been deported, he asked if I wanted the job.
There are certain sights I'll never forget, like watching the Royal Cambodian Ballet practice on the royal palace's open-air terrace. A completely serene, surreal moment in utter, chaotic hell.
Speaking of Cambodia, PP traffic, a picture is worth a thousand words.
Education quickies:
Freshmeat quickies:
Meta-blogging quickies:
Creating a Culture of Ideas
One of the basics of a good system of innovation is diversity. In some ways, the stronger the culture (national, institutional, generational, or other), the less likely it is to harbor innovative thinking.
Dolores, la Grande Rousse, a fini ses recherches sur la connaissance et le savoir.
Christophe présente les questions de Maria: une preuve que la société est devenue plus exhibitioniste (donc d'une certaine facon malade) Après la télé-réalité, la toile-réalité ?
Pendant ce temps, Mouche se pose (encore) la question: Encore une fois l’assimilation weblog = journal intime est faite. Ici c’est même un truc d’adolescents. Pourquoi ? Pourquoi cette perception du weblog ? Parce que c'est la majorité des sites qui s'auto-qualifient de blog et que les journalistes sont pressés ? Parce que c'est facile de présenter la chose sous cet aspect ? Parce que c'est un reflet de la réalité ? Parce que personne ne s'entend ni sur la définition ni même sur le nom ? Parce que y'a confusion entre la marque, la forme et le fond ? Parce que les outils s'y prettent, à la confusion ?
Christophe, toujours, vante l'agrégateur alors que Biz le compare à une vulgaire mosaïque qui permet de regarder 30 chaines sur le cable en même temps. :-)
Speaking of RSS and aggregation, Effbot the aggregator is now version 1.0.2 (and easy to tinker with, it's Python. Plus there are even a making-of: the EffNews project). Other useful tiny scripts to build a home-made aggregator: RSS Parser (in Python) and blagg (in Perl), the cousin of blosxom (blosxom v0+6i is out and can do static rendering now, get on the mailing list if you want to play with it). Of course, there is a pyBlosxom.
Want to have your home-made aggregator filter automagically all the news that interests you so you can read even more feeds? Check the work of the anti-spam world: abstracts of the Spam Conference talks, some Spam Conference notes on this Conf and one talk: Paul Graham: Better Bayesian Filtering (this is the sequel of the great A plan for Spam)
Daily pick of Instapundit: Democracy in Iraq, an historic perspective
Small farmers seen gaining little from subsidies
The estimated billion dollars a day that taxpayers in wealthy countries pay in farm subsidies ends up largely in the hands of families that do not need it, according to a report issued Thursday by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.
(I can't find the OECD report: Farm Househould income issues in OECD countries: a synthesis report ==> 404... Can you ?)
Advogato: Intellectual property issues everywhere and in the W3C in particular.
Innovative usage of pills and condoms: New Uses Found For Unwanted Contraceptives in Philippines
The country's health secretary, Manuel Dayrit, was quoted this week as saying that contraceptive pills are being used to fertilize plantations of orchids, while condoms have found a new role as party balloons.
Dayrit attributed the novel uses for the items to the fact that the supply is so abundant, the pills and condoms aren't needed.
But in the mostly Roman Catholic Philippines, birth control acceptance levels are also relatively low. The church opposes artificial birth control methods.
In case you never really understood Dot Per Inch, Jonathan Delacour and his readers have a great explanation of DPI
No CD though, because I talk quickly and you might get the wrong impression: You talk too fast
All over the world, speakers from some geographic regions tend to speak more slowly than those from others. And in every country that has been studied, people from the slower-speaking regions are stereotyped as stupid. This pattern was uncovered by Finnish linguists Jaakko Lehtonen and Kari Sajavaara, who had reason to be interested because Finns are thought to be slow and dull by neighboring Swedes.
Excellent!! I'll be watching more West Wing
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21 janvier 2003