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FAQ - 13/03/2000

  1. What does NaSM mean ?
    Nothing of course. It is just a shorter way of writing Nothing and Some More. Plus I wanted to buy so I could use that for my java packages. But the National Academy of Sport Medecine was faster. Nasm is also a nice assembler, the National Air and Space Museum and the National Association of Service Managers.
    Rhymes with phantasm, orgasm and spasm
  2. What are the previous taglines?
    Up until the host change, it was Mon mange-liens à moi , which had replaced, Putting the V back in loser which was born on a night of despair (and Kiss was playing let's put the S in Sex on the radio), links links links or something like that was the one before that
    Your virtual B.O.B. survived until I wanted to be an idealist!
    Living on both sides of the fence survived Xmas2001. My 15 minutes of fame, or just 10 with Microwave Oven was the third one. I'm not rude, I'm French was the second one. I forgot the first one.
  3. So what is this site about ?
    Not about me. It's about experimentation with the weblog form. There is no editorial line at all. The title says it all: it's about nothing, and you might find something you like. Like digging in a dumpster.Things I read here and there that I happen to like, or dislike. Bits of words that created a reaction in me.
    A long time ago, in another country, it started as a thematic weblog about Free Software and Education (first post and last post). But I found out that "Seul-edu" was doing it better. So I stopped it. After reading a bit here and a bit there, I found out that a daily/weekly/monthly mess was the style that suited me the most.
  4. And tomorrow, what will it be about?
    It will stop eventually, (it did in 2003) and (maybe) reborn some place else (well Google likes this site so until ETP stops, this will be up, with sporadic updates) - And of course EditThisPage became not free, so I migrated!!!
  5. Why can't I post ? Why can't I comment ?
    Get your own space and discover the pleasure of referers.
  6. Any success ?
    Nope. My spam collection has a lot of hits via Google (at least one each month). Check the stat page.
  7. What is Manila ?
    Start with "About Manila". And then, using "EditThisPage", do your own site. use "Radio UserLand". And yes, it also that thing on the map of Philipines
  8. What is your favorite book ?
    a dictionnary I guess. Authors I usually like are Kurt Vonnegut, Douglas Coupland, Daniel Pennac. And all the ghostwriters of "The Destroyer". And Fredric Brown. And Douglas Hofstadter...
  9. And your favorite MP3 ?
    Lately I've been listening to Paisley Park a lot. But that will change, that's the point of music, right ?
  10. I want to rent a wonderful house in the Luberon?
    Funny you ask ! try la Bastide de Deyme
  11. Any other site I should read ?
    Go to and read whatever suits you. Checks Links on the side
  12. I have a lot of other answers available
    Email me your questions... You can also read this Faq.
  13. Is that a lucky number ?
  14. Art ?
  15. Political compass: 08/05/2003 : Economic Left/Right: -6.25 - Authoritarian/Libertarian: -6.72 Previously: 07/02/2003
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13 mars 2000