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Hello world... again! Am I Ugly in Grey, or what ??

Looking for the The Google Font? It is Catull, but found out more about the Google logo by reading the Google Font Page

Fancy reading my Looking for the Spam collection ? It's even getting multilingual

Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux... want to try it ??? Knoppix is really nice. And easy. Download, burn, reboot. Et voila, Linux is running...

I'm powerless, so trust me - 05/11/2001

Idiote v2.2?? (via MorgaZilla ). Doesn't really work with Mozilla, though.
You Are What You Read
Critical thinking is overrated. The real obstacle to becoming an informed, responsible global citizen is not a lack of skepticism but a lack of exposure. The mainstream media offers a severely limited range of viewpoints to clue us in—although in the past week I've noticed a surge of thoughtful dissenting voices. Still, we need to look beyond the information being spoon-fed to us by policy wonks.
I am no historian. I have no idea. Go read someone who does.
Interview with Linus Torvalds (via /.)
People just did not understand the concept of creating a program because you like programming, and they did not understand the concept of Hey, sure, I like money, but on the other hand I’m a programmer, I will get paid.
I, and all the people have who actually have written code for it, have copyrighted our code. Actually, you don’t have to copyright something. You automatically hold the copyright to whatever work you’ve done. And what is kind of special about Linux is that it kind of uses a judo trick in copyright law, turning the copyright law against itself by saying that, Sure, we own the copyright to this, but you get to copy it freely. You can do whatever you want with it. You can use it in any way. You can change it in any way. The only thing we require is that when you change it and you give it to somebody else, you give that somebody else the same rights.
I can’t do that, which means people trust me because they know I’m powerless.
When I have a house, I’d rather own my house and take the problems than rent it. And I think the same is true about software.
This is Guy Fawkes day: The Purpose of Religion. And remember that God is a predicate. (or testing past links)
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05 novembre 2001