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Looking for the The Google Font? It is Catull, but found out more about the Google logo by reading the Google Font Page

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The Google font is Catull - 08/05/2001

The font used for the Google logo is Catull (alternative link Catull Adobe Version) that has been 3D'd with some graphics program. Catull is a Berthold font and Adobe, Berthold, Precision Type and others sell it.A list of places that sell typefaces
Source: comp.fonts via Google Groups
More info on Catull: Designer is Gustav Jaeger / Publisher is Berthold Types Limited
According to Neowin Forum, alternatives to Catull are Batang, MS PGothic and Book Antiqua
Gpaint is a dotNet command-line program to create Google-like logos, using whatever font you provide (it suggests Book Antiqua). And the source code (C#) is available.
Logogle is a website that offers to create Google-like logo.
A tutorial that shows you how to do the Google logo with Photoshop.
Everything you always wanted to know about Google is on the Google Weblog and the Google community. On Wikipedia, you can also get the story of the Google logo and its various iterations: the first version was made by Sergey Brin (Google co-founder) himself using GIMP.

Pour les lecteurs qui se plaignent, une traduction rapide: la police de caractères utilisée par Google pour son logo est Catull (un autre lien Catull Adobe Version). C'est une fonte payante.
Selon le forum de discussion Neowin, des polices qui ressemblent sont Batang, MS PGothic and Book Antiqua.
Gpaint est un logiciel en ligne de commande (écrit en C#, le source est disponible) qui crée un logo à la Google en utilisant les polices que vous choisissez.
Et Logogle est un site web qui permet de faire la même chose en ligne.

El logotipo de Google está realizado con la fuente Catull

Logo ของ Google เค้าใช้ Font อะไรครับ Catull ครับ (is this correct Thai ? I copied that from

A fonte usada no logotipo do Google se chama Catull.
(thanks Fernando)

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08 mai 2001