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Things I learned in 2008 - 30 décembre 2008

J'ai appris que l'égalité est douloureuse: développeurs de tous les pays, vive la concurrence débridée

Cette plateforme a bien entendu le droit d'exister, puisqu'aucune règlementation ne l'interdit. Ils ont bien raison de profiter ainsi du système. Mais je m'interroge quand même sur leurs fondateurs et actionnaires... Est-ce les mêmes qui vont dire le matin être attentif à l'avenir de la planète, envoyer leurs enfants dans des écoles internationales et parler de responsabilité sociale ?

Cette plateforme illustre bien l'irresponsabilité sociale de certains... Et c'est un peu facile de se retrancher derrière la "mondialisation", avec un soupir comme si elle était inévitable... et d'en profiter ensuite.

Sincèrement, je n'ai pas la solution... mais ce genre de plateforme qui met sur un pied d'égalité les populations pauvres et moins pauvres ne me semble pas en faire partie.

I learned that in India for 1 job created in IT and Services, 4 jobs are created in rest of the economy.

I learned that you can still play with images, like with EvoLisa.

I learned that I don't know how to think in parallel. Which is sad, because I would really like to play with my GPGPU. Any book you know ? Something like Stream Processing for dummies(tm)?

And OpenCL seems to be the language I will try to learn in 2009, although I do not plan to buy a mac.

I learned that I am not the only one who sometimes like to tell a little story with the order of my links.

I was reminded that I am now spoiled with a dual core and fast internet access, but that I learned basic things with a slow machine. I guess the OLPC XO-1 should be the first computer of my kids.

My first impressions are in line with yours–it feels a little slow (but if I go back to my Apple ][, which I thought was fast back in the day, it too seems slow to me now–so as a “first computer” experience I don’t knock the XO for that)

At a Barcamp, I learned about Binaural beats.

I learned that there is a lot to be learned from existing languages, like experimenting with blending Forth, Lisp and SmallTalk in Python.

I learned that I should learn Clojure, according to 2008 In Review - What Happened with Programming Languages, and what will happen in 2009.

I learned that PyPy runs Django. And so does GAE. And that Django and Python were learning Thai, as in Pythai.

Speaking of Django, have you seen Sukiyaki Western Django?

And speaking of Japan, I learned that the Christ was buried in Japan (see also the BBC The Japanese Jesus trail, and The Telegraph Japanese who say they are the descendants of Jesus. The first article in english was a long time ago in the Charlotte Observer, on 26 August 1971 Legend Says Jesus Died in Japan )

And I learned that I will end up collecting links, here, there or inside the firewall. Enjoy 2009, I will.

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